Heard whilst hyperventilating on Fiddlesticks, Organ Pipes

Christian. Christian? Can you hear me? Christian… you’re safe. We’ve got you on rope. Christian, talk to us. It’s all good. We’ve got you. Yes, yes. It’s incredibly chossy. You don’t need to worry about us. We’re safe.

You can do it. Keep going. Use those chimney skills. You can dangle the bag between your legs, if you want to. Just keep moving. Christian. Christian?

Yes, keep going. We’ve got you. Nic’s got you. Good work! Pull on those cams. What’s that? There’s no more aid? Keep going. You can do it. What about the foot to the left?

Breathe, Christian, breathe. Christian, talk to us. Yes, it’s chossy. You’re safe. Good work with the cam. You can leave the nuts in. You’re taking them out? Good work. You can do it. Keep moving. Come on Christian.

It’s still chossy? Don’t worry Christian. You’re doing well. Just keep moving. Nice work. Really good work. Come on. Keep going. Breathe. Remember to breathe. Nice work with the cam. Come on Christian, keep going. You can do it. Keep moving.

It’s a bit of a squeeze. It’s nicer rock there? Nice. Keep going. You’re doing really well.

Fantastic work Christian. You’re almost there. Nice work. Keep going. That’s fantastic. Really good work. Keep going. You’re almost there.

Nice work! Enjoy the view. Really really well done! Right, can one of you check my knot?

What, Christian? No. No, that doesn’t count as a fucking ice cream.