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Amongst all the wild and fantastical affairs humans partake in, music is by far the most baffling. We indoctrinate our infants with lullabies, make pilgrimages to clubs, festivals and operas, and buy our groceries whilst barely pubescent teenagers serenade us over tinny tannoys. There are no clear evolutionary advantages associated with an appreciation of Bach’s fugues or gabber; music is an inexplicable and joyous byproduct of the human condition.

Since arriving in Australia, FBi Radio, the independent non-profit radio station which plays 50% Australian music (of which 50% is from New South Wales), has satiated my desire for novel tracks and artists, and helped me to delve into the local culture and survive a year without the euphoria of dancing with a hundred fellow revelers. Tkay Maidza, 3NDLES5, Crazymike, Shady Nasty, Low Flung, Party Dozen, Cool Sounds, … (the list is far too long to properly compile) – they all immeasurably improved my year.

With so many great artists and tracks on FBi, I’ve struggled with having to visit the website, find the current program, and scroll to locate what’s currently playing everytime my ears are piqued. To solve this, I have created a Python script. Now I just have to type fbiplaying and the answer falls right into my lap. Now excuse me – I need to check out what the current track is. It’s wild.

Listen to 94.5 FM.